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The Icarus Trust

The Icarus Trust was founded to provide support to those suffering from addictive or obsessive behaviour, and to families who are affected by the addiction of a loved one; whether that’s due to drugs, alcohol, gambling or something else entirely.


We do this in three main ways.  The Icarus Trust acts as a signposting and support service. We can direct you to the right information and the right place to get support.  We also connect any member of the family who would like one with a Family Friend, a trained volunteer who will provide personal support whenever you need them.  Lastly, we offer Rehab in the Community, a programme which allows the addict to stay at home among their family whilst undertaking long-term and continuous counselling.  

In the knowledge that addiction is not a standalone issue and cannot be tackled without a consideration of the broader context of mental health, we have developed workshops in both schools and workplaces to encourage better mental wellbeing.  The Schools Programme exists to help children develop strong coping mechanisms for the pressures of everyday life, while City Workshops aim to encourage wellbeing in the workplace.  

It is our belief that developing good mental wellbeing tools and practices before the onset of any issues is the key to preventing other difficulties such as addition from developing.   For more information on any of the above please contact us.



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