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The Icarus Trust

The Icarus Trust team focus on providing support for the families of addicts. We are available to help any member of the family, including the addict themselves, through a network of Family Friends who are trained to provide personal support.

In addition, we have access to a team of professionals across the UK who can provide specialist help to suit individual needs at every stage of the recovery process.

While addiction may not be always obvious within families, the issue is sadly widespread and living with an addict puts a huge strain on the whole family. Whether it’s overstressed, overworked parents or children feeling undervalued and marginalised, many homes that should be happy are being torn apart by the knock on effects of one family member who has lost their way, often through no fault of their own. We at The Icarus Trust understand and are here to help support families living with addiction.

The Icarus Trust signposting and support service is free of charge to all families and offers the choice and freedom to change their therapy at any time. We work with you to help you find the best family support for your specific needs. We do however ask for a donation to the charity from those who can afford on-going treatment, so we can help those who are less able through our discretionary bursary scheme to help cover the cost of required treatment services.

With time, the charity has gathered momentum and funding, and now our crucially important addiction support services is available for families across the country.

The story behind

The Icarus Trust was founded by a successful businessman* whose addictive behaviour eventually put his own family into crisis in 2010.

His wife, children and close family all suffered deeply. After a full programme of rehabilitation he is now recovering successfully and firmly believes that his own situation would have been resolved more positively had the support services of The Icarus Trust been around during this painful episode.

Full of regret but putting this terrible time behind him, he is now determined to ensure other families get the support he wished was there for his own family.

*He has decided to remain anonymous for the protection of his family.


Our Patrons

Ralph Fiennes

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