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Support for alcohol dependence

Drinking is socially acceptable and often encouraged by peers, but it can become a serious problem.  Alcohol dependance is widespread. It is thought to cause over 30,000 deaths per year in Britain. One in four hospital admissions are related to alcohol and drinking is implicated in approximately 60% of suicides, 40% of domestic violence cases and 40% of domestic fires.

The issue is our relationship with drinking.  It can become a habit and may become something we depend on.  It may be how much we drink, or how we drink.  We may depend on it to feel things more or to try and not feel them at all. Then there may already be an existing problem.  It can destroy lives and destroy families, sadly it often does.

The addictive nature of alcohol creeps up on us. We don’t start off addicted but after a while we become dysfunctional without it.  It becomes obsessive and a compulsion and ends up controlling our lives.

Living with somebody with an alcohol dependance can be very challenging and in particular children living with an alcoholic can really struggle, often sparking wider addiction or depression related issues.

But it need not be too late.  The Icarus Trust can help by providing support for families of people with alcohol dependence, connecting you with one of our volunteer Family Friends who is able to empathise through personal experience, as well as a professional therapist who is able to help.  At every stage of the process, there is always something which can be done to help with an addiction, and the best style of therapy for you, depends on you.

The Icarus Trust can signpost you to people who know how to help.