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Drug abuse help

Trying drugs may seem like a good idea at the time, whether out of peer pressure, curiosity, escapism or just plain fun.  They can sometimes enhance enjoyment and pleasure but they can quickly start to interfere more and more in our lives as the quantity and frequency of use increases.

Probably one of the most widely documented types of addiction, with good reason, it is a vast problem with grave consequences.  The United Nations estimates that the world is host to 8 million heroin users, 13 million cocaine users, 30 million users of amphetamines, 141 million cannabis users, 227 million sedative users, 1100 million tobacco smokers.

However much we may deny it, they are soon in control of us, not the other way round.  We all have the potential of becoming dependent, either psychologically or physically. Drugs distort our perception of ourselves, our family and the world.  Living with a drug addict can very quickly render an otherwise happy family completely dysfunctional and children living with a drug addict can personally suffer greatly, often sparking wider addiction or depression related issues themselves.

The Icarus Trust can provide help for drug abuse and support for the families of drug addicts. You will be linked up with a Family Friend who can relate to your situation, and a professionally trained therapist who can help you through each stage of the process.  At any point, something can be done to halt and addiction, but that depends on you.

The Icarus Trust can signpost you to people who know how to help