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Help with a gambling addiction

Gambling can be fun, but can how do we cope with losing?  Can we stick to our own rules? Do we become addicted to the buzz?  One more bet to win it all back?

Gambling is so accessible now, on the high street, on the internet and over the phone.   It provides excitement, enjoyment and the potential for high rewards. Although it may seem innocuous, it can so easily become a problem. Approximately 3 per cent of the British adult population has a gambling problem. Of these, about 500,000 have a severe problem.

Gambling can become a habit and may become something we depend on and gambling addiction must be identified and addressed before lives are ruined.

The addictive nature of gambling creeps up on us. We don’t start off addicted but after a while we become dysfunctional without it.  It becomes obsessive and a compulsion and ends up controlling our lives. Before a compulsive gambler actually seeks help, they may already be in debt ranging from £60,000 to £100,000, and 80% have seriously considered suicide. Unfortunately, 13-20% of those have either attempted or succeeded suicide.

Living with a gambling addict can be very challenging and in particular children living with a gambling addict can suffer greatly, often sparking wider addiction or depression related issues. For example, two thirds of those in treatment, committed a crime due to their gambling addiction.

The Icarus Trust can help you by providing help and support for gambling addicts and their families, linking you up with a Family Friend who has been in a similar position as well as a professional therapist.  At any stage in the process something can be done to stop the addiction and the best type of therapy depends on the individual.

The Icarus Trust can signpost you to people who know how to help.