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Rehab in the Community

Rehab in the Community (RiC) is a programme delivered by Icarus aimed at people who display addictive behaviour towards drugs, alcohol and wider processes such as gambling and pornography. Many people touched by addiction appear to function well in their lives – they hold down jobs and maintain, superficially at least, relationships with  families and friends. But behind this façade their lives can be dysfunctional and destructive and cause real damage to their nearest and dearest. They are often desperate to break the cycle of addiction but suffer lapses and relapses. Some feel trapped in a cycle of self-deception, deceit, and manipulation.

Whilst residential rehab, as well as mutual aid support programmes such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, can help some, circumstance and financial constraint mean they don’t work for everyone. That’s where RiC comes in. It uses a twin-track approach to provide counselling based help to the person in recovery and a named supportive contact (for instance a close friend or family member). This support is delivered frequently through phone calls and text messages – up to three or four times per week – and provides the client with a consistent supportive voice.

Every month the counsellor conducts a more detailed ‘check in’ with the client and together they develop a picture of progress based on criteria covering the main health and wellbeing domains – social support, mental and physical health, belief systems and more.

To read a more detailed account of how RiC works please click here. 

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