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Relationships are constantly changing. There are many highs, lows and lengthy periods in the middle. However, if you think your relationship is in trouble then you are probably right. Even in strong partnerships there will be times when changes happen and you may hit rockier patches. The stress of managing money or children can slowly affect the health of a relationship; when you are too busy dealing with the pressures of everyday life it is sometimes easier to simply ignore or tolerate issues and the effects they have on your relationship hoping that it will get better on its own or go away.

Relationship problems can be triggered by a multitude of issues. Sometimes major life events such as job loss or illness can cause significant personal and relationship stress which tests the partnership to breaking point.

Sometimes a partner resorts to destructive or addictive behaviour, alcohol or substance abuse. Eventually you reach breaking point. Often sexual issues can create tension and due to the nature of the subject matter some people are reluctant to talk things through, leading to a breakdown in communication. Some relationships struggle with infidelity or physical abuse. The problem grows over a period of time and eventually has such a negative effect on partners and/or children that we no longer know where to turn. Every avenue may seem to have been pursued.

If you still have a connection, have been together for a long time or you have children, you may want to try and salvage a relationship rather than walk away. But despite trying everything that you can think of it has become unbearable. You don’t know what to do or who to talk to. You don’t want to talk to family or friends but you feel that you have run out of choices. You can communicate with the ‘Family Friends’ at Icarus! You can get it off your chest and find help looking in the right direction. You may even be able to speak to a trained professional on a completely confidential basis.