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Schools Program

Over the past year Icarus has been delivering a varied programme of work in schools around the country. We are only too aware of the myriad issues that face children and young people – change related anxieties, caused by moving schools, evolving social networks or just growing up; the drug and alcohol use of peers and pressures regarding body image to name but a few. These issues are also experienced – albeit at a distance – by parents and carers, and by the teachers who see every day the affects they can have on the pupils they work hard to support.

The trust has delivered tailored workshops in a number of schools. Since schools are systems in their own right made up of many, and varied, groups of people we take a holistic view – that support and learning must be delivered for all. The general model is based on the delivery of flexible pilot health and emotional wellbeing workshops in schools with parents, teachers and students. These focus on issues of emotional resilience and consider them in the round. This approach fits with our belief at the Icarus Trust, reinforced widely in research, that issues of damaging and habitual behaviour rarely occur in isolation from other emotional issues, and that for many people who develop this kind of problem there are often underlying causes.

We have two great people helping us with our schools program


Flo Bell

Flo is the creator and Founder of Floga. Flo began Floga after working in a primary school and realising the lack of creative output for children, in addition to the increased stress they seemed to be under – both at school and at home. She therefore looked towards two subjects which excite and inspire her, as well as her students, in order to try and change this.


Flo has a Masters in Modern and Contemporary Art Theory, and is also a qualified Yoga Teacher. It is through these two passions that she aims to encourage people to actively engage with their own physical and mental wellbeing, education and culture.



Tanga Wanda:

Tanga believes that a balanced philosophical education combines the great ideas of the east and the west and through applying these to modern life we can better ourselves and our society. To this end, he has been teaching philosophy (P4C) in schools across the UK alongside Budo (Japanese martial arts) since graduating in 2013.

Tanga is also a devout Hip Hop artist and co-founder of the independent record label “Inner Peace Records”. Specializing in Rap and Beatsmithery, he has brought elements of his artistic expertise into the classroom and the wider community, collaborating with members of the “UK Hip Hop Ed” community to devise a methodology known as “Philosophy 4 Cyphers”, blending Philosophical enquiry with Rap and beatmaking.



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