Spotting Signs of a Problem

Signs of a Problem with a Child or Teenager

Every parent’s worst nightmare comes true when they find out that their child is addicted to drugs or suffering from other dysfunctional behavior. Many times parents and teachers don’t know what to do and resort to traditional discipline which drives children even further away. Parents and teachers need to equip themselves with as much factual information as possible and a solid plan of action on how to combat this problem. You also have to realize that the best defense is prevention rather than cure. By catching a problem early makes the difference between a problem that can be overcome in the teen years and a life long of suffering. Here are some warning signs.

Grades are declining: Has there been a sustained decline in a child’s school work? Are they not interested in going to school anymore and constantly look for excuse not to go to school? Does the teenager seem unconcerned with failing tests or papers? This can be the beginning signs. If you start noticing falling grades and a lack of interest in doing well in school, then it’s time to investigate further and find out the reasons why. Catching the problem early can avoid a difficult recovery later.

Change in Attitude: Typically when a child enters their teens, it’s natural for them to begin acting rebellious and tend to break away from their family. However, if you notice a sudden increase in secrecy, especially in your own home this should trigger red flags for you. Look for things that are beyond just teenage rebellion

Keep in perspective that their views may not meet your own and they even develop seriously flawed opinions based on their world view; however they still deserve the right to be heard and respected. Show them that respect and you may very well avert a very serious problem in your child’s life.

But it is Ok to ask for help.

There is the school, local services and you can be in touch with Icarus. We have ‘Family Friends’ to communicate with and the possibility of support and even professional help.