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Icarus Trust Schools Program

Young people, teachers and parents are aware when there are serious issues for one or more members of a family because of the behavioural problems of an adult or a child. This leads to strain, stress, anxiety and crisis. Via the schools program we can help.


Surveys show that young people, teachers and parents are experiencing far more pressure now than ever before.

Children who feel ‘chaotic’ with unprecedented levels of anxiety turn up at school too troubled to learn

  • They’re too mixed up to learn
  • They have more anxiety, self harming, eating and other disorders
  • They’re more prone to suicidal thoughts

Increasingly dysfunctional families are leading to widespread underachievement and indiscipline in schools.

Young people are more likely to lead “dysfunctional” lives themselves, creating a “toxic circle”.

Growing numbers are being driven to self harming in one way or another by pressure to do well in exams. Teenagers who increasingly spend their evenings in their rooms may become more isolated and can struggle to find help. We must consider the impact of policies and practices, of changes to curriculum, examinations, peer pressure, social pressure and so on.

ATL General Secretary, Mary Bousted said ‘We believe that young people face intolerable strain from an education system that cannot stand failure’. ‘From an early age, children feel the pressure to perform in tests’. ‘They are also anxious to fit in with their peers, and when they don’t fit in, are bullied by texts, e-mail and social networking sites’.

Teachers, family members or children themselves can be in touch with Icarus by e-mail for sympathetic support and help with finding a way forward.

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