Young people, teachers and parents are aware when there are serious issues for one or more members of a family because of the behavioural problems of an adult or a child. This leads to strain, stress, anxiety and crisis. Via the schools program we can help.   Surveys show that young people, teachers and parents […]

Please read this new page which has some great advice that may help you spot a problem at an early stage Click here to visit our page.

Families members of substance and alcohol abusers and people in recovery may find holidays particularly stressful. Click here to visit our page dedicated to helping you through this stressful time.  

Every month, more and more people contact The Icarus Trust.         Every person has been assigned a Family Friend who has help to find them the help that have asked for.

The carol concert was a resounding success with over 250 people enjoying brilliant performances

Icarus Trust working with Adam

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The Icarus Trust now supports families in more counties across the UK