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Peter's Story
Where would I have been without my sister...

Peter's Story

“Treatment and Recovery can be a lonely place, where addicts feel stuck, trapped and helpless. At this time families tend to disintegrate temporarily or permanently, and the ear and voice of a friend can be the lifeline for people who are exhausted, at an all-time low of self-esteem, security and confidence.

In my own situation my Family Friend, who is a relative, supported me with domestic help, accommodation etc., but also checking up on me several times a day, and adding the little appendices in texts and calls which can cheer one up no end. She also continued to demonstrate interest well after everything should have been over, in order to prevent any kind of emotional – or other – relapse.

My family were not so fortunate. They exploded in a crisis of emotional and psychological shock, from which they may never fully recover. They had only psycho-therapists to help, and most importantly could not chat to anyone else who was familiar with the practical issues, about what to do, and what not to do, and what was happening to me.

Had we been able to communicate using the Icarus web facility, at a safe distance and under supervision, there may have been more understanding and the family may even have been reunited in some way.”