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Sally's story
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Sally's story

This family is in crisis after Sally’s husband John, father of a middle-class, well educated family with children at private school became depressed and turned to alcohol. He runs a once successful ‘artisan’ business with some help from Sally who is also a full-time mum to their children.

Sadly, Sally’s husband drifted into depression and alcoholism, and as a result, the business is collapsing despite having a full order book. John is in denial, refuses professional help, is unable to work much of the time and blames Sally for not contributing more financially, but on whom he is profoundly co-dependent.

“I’m at my wit’s end and the children are now very aware of how bad things are. They are starting to show real signs of psychological and academic strain”.

Sally’s confidence and self esteem have steadily been eroded. She no longer knows which way to turn, has become depressed and is approaching a full breakdown.

“I was introduced to The Icarus Trust who teamed me up with a Family Friend from a family who have worked through a very similar situation to my own, and also a psychotherapist/ counsellor who has proved to be very sympathetic, supportive and with whom I’ve developed a real rapport”.

Sally now speaks to the therapist every week either face to face, or on the phone, and has the support of her Family Friend when she needs it. Although it is early days, Sally is now receiving the help she so desperately needs to muster the strength to support her family through such a challenging time.

Now a little stronger in herself, Sally is now much less likely to reach full breakdown while she attempts to help her husband accept professional help and get the family back on track.