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Sarah's story
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Sarah's story

There is no darker place than your own mind when everything around you seems desperate. You can’t talk to your friends for fear of rejection and those closest to you are so involved with the problem they can’t hear what you have to say.

An addiction to gambling can start out as nothing more that a few coins in a fruit machine, for most people it stops there or maybe a flutter on the Grand National once a year. By for my husband that thrill of the first win had him hooked. For 2 years I and no idea that he was struggling but then one day I noticed that some cash that we had been saving up had gone missing. Nobody knew anything about it, but I suspected our teenage son had fond a use for it! Some time later I found that our joint account was showing a lot less than it should and I saw withdrawals of over £3,000 over a period of two weeks. My husband denied all knowledge and suggested our account had been compromised, we went through the whole process with the bank or reporting the loss and making a claim. They finally proved that my husband had withdrawn it, things went downhill from there. It was the lies that made it worse.

I made contact with the Icarus trust as a last straw, I wish I had found them earlier. My Family Friend was very supportive and encouraged me to find help for myself so that I could then help my husband. Our relationship is in much better shape now and we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

We have a long way to go but The Icarus Trust and our Family Friend have made it possible for us to imagine and end to these horrible times.